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10 reasons why you'll love

Welcome to the website of Primary Care Pediatrics! We think you'll love this site for 10 reasons (at least)

1. Blog articles like this one- Content from your doctors that we hope you'll find helpful.

2. Clinic updates and news right on our home page- Wondering if we have the flu shot available? We'll keep you updated as soon as we get it!

3. Get to know a provider before you see them- Check out the practice page to see a short bio of Primary Care Pediatric's providers.

4. Link to our patient portal- What's the patient portal you ask? This is our website where you can access your child's electronic health record. You can also complete information about your upcoming visit in order to make your visit quicker and more efficent. You can even send your provider a direct message through the patient portal. We think it's pretty cool.

5. You can complete forms prior to coming in- We have added a forms page where you can download the forms for a sport's physical or a questionnaire for your child's upcoming wellness check. New patient? Then complete new patient forms in the comfort of your home. Less juggling clipboards, purses, and kids in the waiting room.

6. Social media links- follow us on several social media platforms such as instagram, facebook and linkedin.

7. Helpful resource links- we've added several website links on the "Our Services" page that we think you'll find helpful. There you can also find links to area children's hospitals.

8. Mobile platform- Our site is designed for your phone too with a handy dial feature at the bottom of the page. Your kid's running a high fever and you can't remember our number? Just add our site to your phone's home screen and we're always a click away. Remember that we have a 24/7 nursing & provider hotline to answer your urgent medical questions even in the middle of the night.

9. Want to email us about a non-urgent question instead of calling?- Visit the "Contact" page and just complete the email form and we'll get back in touch with you with a response during business hours. You can use this feature to shedule appointments as well.

10. We think the site is also a great way for you to share us with a friend or family member looking for a trusted pediatrician for their child. We hope it will be a great resource for them too.

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