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Mouth, hoof and what - disease?

Mouth, hoof and what - disease?

It’s commonly called “Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.” It’s not the same disease that infects your cows… if you have cows.

The disease is caused by a virus called Coxachie A16.

And, we’ve seen a lot of this virus this summer and expect cases to continue with children headed back to school.

It commonly affects younger children and even infants.

Symptoms usually consist of fever followed by a sore throat and a rash that looks like red spots or even blisters. The rash commonly appears on the feet and hands. You may have to look at the soles of the feet to find the spots.

We’ve also seen a more widespread rash in cases this summer that affect the face, legs and even ears. The rash can be itchy and sometimes painful.

The virus causes sores in the mouth and can lead to problems drinking and eating.

Unfortunately, there is not a antiviral medication to treat the illness but the condition is self limited and supportive care consists of making sure your child is comfortable and keeping well hydrated.

There are other conditions that can look similar so it’s always wise to have your child evaluated if they have fever and spots so that your pediatrician can evaluate, diagnose and advise on the course of care for them.

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