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3 Tips For Santa

We at Primary Care Pediatrics would like to offer Santa a few quick health tips as he gears up for the big sleigh ride tonight.

#1. Definitely get your flu shot. We've seen several positive flu tests in clinic this past week so since you are visiting our area you need to make sure that you're protected.

#2. The American Academy of Pediatrics would consider cookies a "sometimes" food, not an "everyday" food. So it's ok to enjoy some of the treats and sweets that good little girls and boys leave for you since it's a special occasion but try not to overdo it and remember that cookies shouldn't be eaten every day.

#3. Be selective with the beverage choices. We wouldn't recommend whole milk, especially an evening of binging on it. Red top whole milk after age 2 adds too much fat to the diet. If you stop at a house where 2% or skim milk is an option then by all means partake if you get thirsty this evening. If you're concerned about vitamin D then you can take a supplement in tablet form, probably a good idea after very little sun exposure 6 months out of the year at the North pole.

We want to make sure St. Nick is in tip top shape for his all-nighter.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Primary Care Pediatrics

Millington, TN

(901) 873-4242

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